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Chi Running Camp Costa Brava

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Manchester Chi Running Workshop - September 2013

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Everyone in London who runs should go and visit @graycaws he is really cool Rhalou Allerhand Editor www.sportstylist.com

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21-day fitness challenge

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Gray Caws Chi Running Instructor & Personal Trainer

Running video analysis

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12-week event training

The key to running a successful race is a structured plan with specific focuses and phases. My 12-week training programmes are designed specifically for you and tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Chi Running 1-2-1 sessions

Personal Chi Running training

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Chi Running improves your running efficiency and reduces risk of injury by focusing on correct postural alignment, relaxation, balance and mind-body connection. Combining various principles of T’ai Chi such as movement initiating from the centre of mass of the body, cooperation with force and gradual progression, you’ll learn how to develop the skill of running and create a life-long enjoyable programme for fitness, health and general well-being.

Your 1-2-1 sessions will be geared to your specific needs. A bespoke training programme will help you attain your goals and reach your potential through skill and self development. 

Sessions cover*:

  • video analysis (outdoors) 
  • postural alignment, relaxation and balance
  • how to create efficient forward momentum progressing from walking to running
  • how to avoid heavy heel-strike and over-striding
  • the importance of the upper body and arm swing
  • mind-body connection and whole body integration
  • optimal cadence (strides per minute)
  • increased speed through ‘free’ energy and relaxation 
  • pre-run body looseners and dynamic warm up 
  • post run stretches
  • Breathing
  • a mindful approach to enjoyable running

Event training

If you are training for an event your programme will include Chi Running focusses integrated into specific sessions including slow distance, race pace, intervals, hills, fartlek (speed play), negative splits and recovery. The emphasis throughout will be on technique and gradual process – developing form then distance and finally speed. Ensuring you are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the challenge. Check out my 12-week event training programmes to help you run an enjoyable, pain-free race.

 *Subject to the number of sessions booked

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Video analysis + form focuses: £95

Learn the main components in 4 x 1hr sessions : £190

8 x 1 hr sessions: £360

12 x 1 hr sessions: £500

24 x 1 hr sessions: £960

Consultation / 1 hr session: £50




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